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The ghatam is an Indian percussion instrument. Essentially it is an earthenware pot played with the fingers, thumbs, palms and heels of the hand to strike the mouth and sides of the pot. Different tones can be achieved by hitting different areas with different parts of the hand. Although similar to an ordinary domestic clay pot the ghatam is made specifically as a musical instrument with particular emphasis on the eveness of the wall thickness to achieve an even tone. There are two types of ghatam; the Madras, which is lighter and requires less force to play and the Manamadurai, a heavier, thicker pot with shards of brass mixed in with the clay. This gives a sharp metallic ringing tone.
Ghatams are made in different keys. Bill's instrument was made in India and is in the key of G. The instrument was bought from Jas Music. See the range of Indian instruments available at

Mike plays the ghatam on Dave's Fish.